Bulk Liquid Surveys

HANSEATIQ conducts supervision, inspection, sampling, quantity calculation and testing of bulk liquids for its clients with reliable, fast and professional services, including among others:

Quality Surveys

to determine that both the ship’s tanks and shore tanks and the products, commodities, etc. meet specific quality parameters including visual inspections, representative sampling and laboratory analysis

Quantity Surveys

to determine the quantity loaded, discharged, or transferred by measurement and calculation on board vessels and in shore tanks, including stock audits of storage installations

Loss Control

liquid cargo contamination, loading/out-turn dispute investigations and loss control attendance for the monitoring of loading, discharging or transferring or preventative consultations

ROB Surveys

to determine the quantity of liquid remaining in tanks, associated pipes and pumps after discharge

Certificates and Documentation

issued promptly as required by our clients

Intermodal Tank Equipment

inspection and quantity measurement of road and rail tankers and tank containers can be provided

Edible Oils and Fats

HANSEATIQ provides full supervision during loading and discharging including inspecting ship and shore tanks, taking representative samples, and determining the quality and quantity loaded or discharged.
Clients are kept fully informed of the progress of the operation and are promptly provided with all required documentation as requested. Products include:
• Vegetable Oils – Canola (Rapeseed), soybean, sunflower, corn and other vegetable oils
• Other Oils – Fish Oil
Wine and spirits

You are guaranteed a prompt response with a reliable estimate from our professional and experienced surveyors.


Bulging Example

Here is a classic example of a heavily expanded container (bulging) due to fermented product inside.